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If a car owner does not live near a terminal, the overseas shipper or local auto mover can transport the car to the nearest shipping terminal for a fee. The average cost for auto shipping within the continental U.S. is around $1,, with the lowest flirting near $$ and the highest average price being in. Calculating open transport car shipping costs per mile here does not make sense. However on a normal, steady route the cost per mile will drop the longer the.

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The state of the vehicle - the vehicle is not in functioning order, you will be charged a higher shipping fee. Extra services - you need faster auto shipment or. Car transport costs ~$ per mile for miles. So, a mile trip would cost $ The longer the distance, the lower the price: moving a car ~ Shipping across the country will vary in cost depending on where your vehicle is being shipped from and going to. For such general question you will pretty.

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It usually costs around $ to ship your car from Michigan to Florida, but you can take steps to keep the price lower. Click here to learn more. Auto transport service for a full-sized sedan on an open car carrier in the United States is generally in the cents to cents per mile range. There are too many variables to give an average cost to ship a car. It depends on the type of vehicle, the condition, the type of transport, the type of company.