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METHANESULPHONIC ACID, , Acids-Organic, CH4O3S by Loba Chemie, India. METHANESULPHONIC ACID For Synthesis. Methylsulfonic acid. height=px. In recent years, methane sulfonic acid (MSA) is being increasingly used in various fields of electrochemical production such as electroplating. The meaning of METHANESULFONIC ACID is a corrosive liquid acid CH4O3S that is used especially as a catalyst in chemical reactions (such as polymerization.

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( mole) of methanesulfonic acid (Note 1) in ml. of anhydrous diethyl ether is added. Stirring is begun, and the flask is cooled in an ice-water. Methane sulphonic acid is an alkanesulphonic acid and its chemical formula is CH 3 SO 3 H. MSA is a strong acid having pKa= and completely ionized in M. M (OTTO) Methane sulphonic acid, 98% Cas - used as an acid catalyst in organic reactions because it is a non-volatile, strong acid that is soluble.

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Reaction solvent - allowing synthesis in a strongly acidic but non-oxidizing medium; Neutralizing agent - to obtain soluble salts. Arkema produces various. Continuing the synthesis of a series of dronic acid derivatives from the corresponding carboxylic acid and P-reagents at 85 °C in methanesulfonic acid. Methane Sulfonic Acid is used as a solvent and as a catalyst for alkylations, esterifications and polymerizations. Submit Inquiry · Back to Product Directory -.