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GoGetSSL® Multi-Domain SSL certificate is a trusted SSL and is already used within , customers. It allows the protection of up to SAN items;. My company recently purchased a Multi-Domain SSL certificate for use on an IBMi V7R2. I'm relatively new to the IBMi world, but I get the feeling the DSM. PositiveSSL DV Multi-Domain Certificate PositiveSSL 5-year Subscription SSL allows you to obtain continuous certificate coverage for up to five years while.

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A multi-domain SSL is a unique type of SSL certificate which secures the user's main external domain and several additional DNS names, generally known as. Domain Validation (DV) Multi-Domain SSL Certificates secure multiple domains and subdomains. With just a one-time installation and renewal period, Multi-Domain. Secure Up to Domains and/or Subdomains The UCC/SAN SSL Certificate is a “binder certificate” that allows you to combine multiple Basic SSL and Wildcard.

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Specifically, a Multi-Domain SSL certificate uses the Subject Alternative Name protocol to extend its reach to domains that might be adjacent to your main. A multi-domain SSL/TLS certificate utilizes Subject Alternative Names (SANs) to secure your main domain along with up to domain names, subdomains. A multi domain SSL certificate is a single certificate that covers multiple domains on a single IP. When it comes to the strength of encryption, a SAN or a UCC.