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Cell Type, Selection Concentration (µg/ml) ; 10T1/2 cells, ~10 µg/ml ; HEK, µg/ml ; T Lα, ~10 ug/ml ; A, ~5 µg/ml. The optimal concentration of blasticidin S HCl suitable for selection of resistant mammalian clones depends on the cell lines, media, growth conditions, and the. Recommended concentration and selection duration of commonly used drugs Blasticidin, T, ug/ml, days. Hygromycin B, T, ug/ml.

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Blasticidin hydrochloride is supplied as 1 ml tubes of a 10 mg/ml colorless The working concentration of blasticidin for mammalian cell lines varies. The working concentration of Gentarget's Blasticidin solution were tested in many mammalian cell types against Gentarget's lentivirus products containing. Blasticidin S to ハg/mL final concentration. Store unused medium and plates at 4C in the dark. | 2/2 |. [Selection in mammalian cell lines].

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Blasticidin S – This nucleoside antibiotic conferred by the blasticidin resistance gene, CONCENTRATION QUANTITY. CAT CODE. Blasticidin S. Protocol for Making Cas9-Expressing Cells for CRISPR Screens · Sample 1: Same blasticidin concentration used to calculate BR · Sample 2: 2x blasticidin. The concentration of selection antibiotic molecule can be designed based on the earlier literature. Generally, puromycin (–2 μg/mL), Geneticin/G (–2.