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Egg Donation. An egg from a fertile woman that is donated to an infertile woman to be used in an assisted reproductive technology procedure such as IVF. There is no warranty regarding the success rate of egg/embryo donation or the health and characteristics of any child or children that may be conceived by. Though women achieve high success rates with egg donation throughout their 40s, the risks during pregnancy increase as women approach age

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Success rates are very high with an ovum donation cycle, often achieving 70% pregnancy rate and % take-home baby rate with a fresh embryo transfer. Success rates compiled by the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) for the year show that the average live-birth rate per egg-donation cycle. RSC has one of the country's most experienced and successful egg donor programs, with clinical pregnancies greater than 70%. We carefully guide potential egg.

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In one study, the pregnancy rate with the IVF method and the use of fresh donated eggs was about % and with the use of frozen donated eggs was about %. IVF Process and Options Because of PNWF's exceptional experience using frozen eggs, success rates are high whether your donor egg cycle begins with fresh or. VCRM has been highly successful for our donor egg patients. We have one of the highest success rates in the US. Donor Oocytes (All ages). Donor Egg IVF.