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My name is Wan How and I guide project managers to apply PM skills to their projects, programs, and portfolios within the specific context of their company and. Hossain Choudhry is CEO at The Grand, a group coaching platform to support managers in making leadership decisions. She's also an executive coach (formerly at. Why every project manager should have a coach! I still remember the first time I was coached. I was on a 5-day leadership course which helped us assess.

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Unlock potential and high performance in your organization with management coaching skills training from the pioneers of workplace coaching. A Manager is the head coach who appoints these specialist coaches to help the players and get the best of every single one of them. His job is to win matches. On the flip side of the same leadership coin is coaching. Where managing is about providing directives, assigning tasks and monitoring progress, coaching.

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Am I willing and able to handle the extra responsibility that managing entails? Managers are more likely than coaches to: fill out line-up cards, address. Originality/value Dealing with challenge in teams through the analysis of the coaching style applied by 30 managers is unique, the value added through this. Manager as Coach is a management style that offers more flexibility and range in building relationships, developing staff, maximizing efficiency and.