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Charlesons will guarantee the rent on your property regardless of whether the tenant pays or not. As a landlord opting for a leasing scheme. Our results are Guaranteed! If we don't lease your home in 60 days, we'll pay the rent! With our Rent Guarantee for Poplar-pre-approved residents, you're assured of 97% of our homeowners continue to enjoy our Property Management Services.

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Guaranteed Rent is up to 12 months of rent payments, minus renter placement fees and/or property management costs, that are paid upfront to rental property. More Money | Less Problems | Guaranteed Rent ; Flat rate property management. Only $29 per week property management fees ; Fixed price maintenance plan. Get up to. We guarantee to find a quality tenant for your rental home in less than 21 days, or the first month of management fees are waived!

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Simple, transparent pricing · Monthly Fee. Monthly Fee · Leasing Fee. Leasing Fee · Lease Renewal Fee. Lease Renewal Fee · Guarantees. Guarantees · Tenant Warranty. 30 Day Rental Guarantee. We Guarantee that we can find a quality tenant for your home in 30 days or the first month of management is FREE! Doorstead has redefined the industry by providing an upfront rental guarantee to landlords regardless of vacancy. Doorstead eliminates the headaches.